Monday, April 30, 2012

Paint the Bathroom, Get a Handjob

So last night we started painting the bathroom. The fumes were making Kate nauseous, so I ended up doing the bulk of the painting. Though I understand her dilemma, I couldn't help being a little resentful of having to spend my Sunday evening doing that. The worst thing was, she's still on her period (we've tried sex during her period before, neither of us much liked the mess) so I couldn't even get sex after I was done.

"You're not bleeding from your mouth," I said to her, prompting a smack on the arm. She showed me the canker sore she'd had for a few days. So oral sex was out.

"You're not bleeding from you hand," I said.

"Can't you take care of that on your own?" she replied. I explained to her how jacking off is certainly not the same as getting a handjob. I asked her what she liked better, masturbating or me fingering her. She saw my point.

The handjob itself was excellent. Plenty of teasing and prolonging of the moment. She breathed and moaned softly in my ear while she stroked me and played with my balls. When she finally let me cum, I shot all the way up to my chest. Overall a very nice night.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Exhibitionist Streak

Hello Internet,
I've decided to create this blog to chronicle my sex life with my beautiful wife, Kate. I've always had a bit of an exhibitionist streak, and this will serve as a good way of giving that an outlet while keeping my wife and I anonymous. You'll get no pictures of video on here, nor will I ever give out any personal information (other than details of our sexual activity). Andy and Kate are not our real names. So enjoy reading about our exploits. Feel free to post your comments and share your own stories.