Friday, May 4, 2012

Four Point Plan

I enacted last night what I like to call my "Four Point Plan."  I told Kate the name I had for the night's activity, but I didn't tell her exactly what all I was going to do. After plenty of making out and other such foreplay, we move on the the main event...

Point 1
I glide my hand down Kate's front, rubbing the outside of her pussy and stroking her inner thighs. After loving attention to her outer lips, I slowly glide my fingers inside her. I always love the way she reacts to the first time I go inside her. After slowly stroking in and out for a while, I turn up the heat. I curl my fingers, targeting her g-spot. She writhes under my touch, clawing at my arm until she finally comes, screaming and convulsing in my arms. Before she even has a chance to catch her breath, I move on to...

Point 2
I move between her legs, bringing my mouth down to her lovely wet slit. To keep the momentum, I go right for her clit, flicking my tongue on it, kissing it, taking it into my mouth and sucking on it. She grabs my hair, scratches at my arms as I reach up to touch her breasts. I look up the line of her body while I work, watching her face. Her eyes flutter, her breath coming faster. She comes again, I hold on to her hips for dear life as she bucks wildly, screaming out her orgasm. I keep my face pressed into her mound for...

Point 3
I slow it down a bit now. I focus more on the opening of her vaginal canal. I work my tongue into it as if I were french-kissing her vag. I keep away from directly stimulating her clit, but she's so worked up now that soon her chest is heaving with excitement. I finally move back to that nub and she seems to start racing toward climax again. I hold on for another mad convulsion of her pleasure, and the moment she comes back down...

Point 4
I move up and thrust my hard cock as deep inside of her as it will go. She wraps her arms and legs around me. She claws at my back as I drive myself in and out, hard and fast. I'm so turned on by the whole process that I know I won't last long, but she's so hot now that I don't need to. In seconds we're both coming at the same time. She digs deep scratched into my shoulders as I spill my cum deep inside her. Her hips spasm and her cunt squeezes my shaft as if trying to draw out every last drop.

When I catch my breath, I pull out and roll off to the side. It's several minutes before she can move or speak. Every so often, her hips spasm again with an orgasmic aftershock. When I trust my own legs to stay under me, I go get us a glass of ice water. When I get back, we share the water and Kate says, "I love it when a plan comes together."

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