Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dream House

Everybody has plans for their dream house: what they would have if they could have a home custom built with whatever they want. Kate and I have plans like that. We want to give the kids a two-story toy room with a slide from the upper floor to the lower one. We want a big kitchen with lots of storage and a breakfast nook. I also want an adult playroom for Kate and I. Here's a quick overview of the features I want the room to have.

1. The Hidden Entrance

First thing we need is a hidden entrance. I want our secret bookcase door to swing outward to reveal a second door with a conventional handle and lock. So even if the kids do one day find that the bookcase opens, they still won't be able to get inside the playroom and be mentally scarred. I haven't really given much thought to the dimensions of the room. It just needs to be big enough for a bed and a wide array of dedicated toys and specialty furniture. I do plan to put soundproof insulation in the walls and in the back of the bookshelf. That way Kate can be as loud as she wants and no one will ever know.

2. The Bed

We need a good sized, comfy, sturdy bed with plenty of points for attaching ropes, chains, and cuffs. I want it adjusted to just the right height so I can easily fuck Kate from behind standing beside the bed. I also want hooks in the ceiling to chain Kate's hands above her head. Maybe invest in a sex swing, too.

3. Accessories & Toys
I was going to put pictures here, but there's way too much to list all at once. I want more sex furniture, a spanking bench, more to tie Kate to. I want whips, crops, and floggers. Vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, cock rings, nipple clamps...
Kind of getting excited thinking about it.

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