Sunday, September 2, 2012


As anyone with kids can tell you, sometimes they interrupt your sex life. This happened to Kate and I the other night. We were in bed, the clothes were on their way off, my hands were exploring and teasing Kate's body, when suddenly we heard the cries of our youngest from across the hall.

I sprang immediately from lover mode to dad mode, telling Kate, "We'll do the short version when I get the baby back to sleep." A bit of rocking an cajoling later, baby was asleep and I was back in the sack. I wasted no time this round, pulling Kate's pants and underwear off right away and beginning to rub her pussy while passionately kissing her. Then the baby started crying again.

"Alright," I said heading out into the hall again, "the short short version then..." I made extra sure the baby was really asleep this time before heading back to bed.

The short short version consisted of my shoving fingers inside Kate's pussy, quickly making her wet, and spreading her wet goodness out onto her labia. I dipped back in a few times for more, but she was soon as ready as I was. I got on top and fucked her hard and fast, both of us climaxing in just a few minutes. Quick, but still satisfying.

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